Build factories and make money

Factory Magnate is a top-down 2D factory building game with a touch of business tycoon sprinkled on top. Its main inspiration obviously comes from other factory games such as Factorio and Satisfactory, but concepts from modded Minecraft and Transport Tycoon also plays a big role in the game design. The game features a pixelart-sy style with low resolution simple/abstract graphics, achieving that retro look.

The driving design philosophy of the game is, simply put:
“Like Factorio, but more simple and forgivning, and instead of launching rockets, you'll be selling the stuff you make”.

Indeed, it's a mashup of two genres that I love.

Coming to Windows and Linux on Steam, and you can wishlist it now:

The pitch

1. Automation by default

You don't control a character and you can place factory buildings anwyhere, as long as you have the money to do so. This takes the "early game" known from other similar games out of the equation, because you jump straight to automation and skip all the manual labor.

2. No crafting

It's all about the money.. because in this game, money is your most important resource.
You don't craft buildings, you buy them.

3. Profit is everything

You earn money selling your goods to the locals. They seem to have an endless supply of money to throw at you, but if you saturate the market, prices will drop - possibly making your factories operate at a loss. It's up to you to strike a balance.

4. The factory never sleeps

At the core of the game sits the main challenge: the factory is always running, and you must pay upkeep. If you're not selling enough to make a profit, you'll soon be out of business.
You. Must. Keep. Selling.



I post devlogs on Steam.
I also tweet quite a bit about the game.


If you're a content creator, games reporter or publisher wanting a chat - I'm very much available. Feel free to reach out to me using any of the channels below.

If you're an interested gamer wanting to play this game, that's great!
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About me, the developer

Factory Magnate is a solodev project by me, Fey (he/him).
On social media, I go by the alias Rising Tail, which is the name of my studio.

My professional background is 20+ years as a software developer and web developer specializing in custom enterprise solutions. I'm based in Denmark. Yes, the flat and mostly cold country known for free healthcare and education - but also very high taxes..

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