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Factory Magnate is a casual factory game where you'll build factories, complete objectives, earn promotions and unlock new production lines to expand your factory and ultimately achieve the rank of Magnate.


Hi, I'm Fey, the lone developer behind this game. I got the idea some time during the summer of 2020 after having taken yet another failed stab at playing Factorio, trying not to stress over inefficient layouts and less than ideal ratios. I wanted to create a laid back, more relaxed and forgiving factory game. With inspiration from many other games in the genre, like Shapez, Mindustry and of course Factorio itself, as well as a handful of other games including modded Minecraft and even good old Transport Tycoon, I set out to create a factory game that's easy to get into and enjoy without a huge time investment. And without the stress!

I'm currently working towards a demo release, hoping (not promising!) to have that ready by fall 2022.


  • Rank-based progression. You complete objectives and that'll earn you promotions. Each promotion unlocks new content.
  • More than 30 machines and buildings.
  • More than 50 items to produce and refine.
  • Manageable depth and complexity; well suited for players who can't be bothered spending hours upon hours to study intricate production chains.
  • A bite sized experience; the end goal for the finished game is that each individual run will last 2-5 hours. (Still subject to change, though)
  • Procedurally generated maps, so no two runs are exactly the same.
  • Steam achievements.
  • Steam cloud saves.

I also think it's important to mention what the game doesn't have. It's a peaceful game, so there are no enemies or combat. It's "godlike", there's no character to control. There's definitely no multiplayer.

Planned features

Yes, I have ideas and there are a bunch of things I want to add in the future, but I'm not ready to talk about it at this point in time. I'm hoping to release several free content updates post launch based on my own ideas and of course player feedback.
I'm fairly sure that I will add a bunch of machines and items when I take the game from demo to full release, so there will be something entirely new for demo players as well.


Promotional assets

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